Our Artists


Nicole Rivera

Mixed Media/Makeup Artist

Nicole V Rivera is a successful teaching artist, makeup artist and special educator. She has been working with preschool and school aged children for 15 years and holds a degree in General and Special Education. She is currently attaining her Arts Education degree and enjoys working with young people and honoring their creative process. Originally from New York, Nicole and her family: 2 littles, a husband, and a dog, moved to Jersey City 4 years ago. She works as a special education teacher as well as an art teacher. She weaves creativity and artistry with a pulse on what makes each child "tick." She also works in conjunction with local schools and offers enriching classes to school age children in Jersey City during the week. Nicole is self-taught, both in makeup artistry as well as traditional painting and mixed media. She has brought her natural ability to educate and blended it with her love art and working with young people with ArtLifeJC. She is excited for this next chapter in her new home and hopes you will join her in the creative exploratory process! Learn more about Nicole and her professional makeup work on her website facenvpro.com