Hello and welcome! Enter the safe creative space that is ArtLifeJC. ArtLifeJC was born 5 years ago by me: Nicole Rivera, a multi-hyphenated artist and educator. I have a very deep love of the arts and know the importance it plays in the lives of people, especially children. I started my journey as an educator almost 20 years ago working in early childhood and then school aged children with a focus on special education.

Life is not linear as you know and shorty after having my first child I dove right into making my life as an artist, stepping away from the classroom to become a part time special education consultant and a full time artist. Taking that leap of faith 10 years ago opened up my heart to instructing children of all ages in the magic of art making. My specialty is creating an engaging, fun and well rounded curriculum; integrating the elements of art and art history with a focus on intuition and finding your creative voice.

Thank you for checking us out. Please take a look at our schedule of classes and find the perfect fit for your child and lets start making!